Reading … everywhere!

This is awesome:



I admit it, I read in the toilet. In fact, going to the toilet or shower seem to be the only times at which I am able to read anymore… (I get a lot of judgment for reading in these locations, and a fair bit of questioning about how I manage to read in the shower. The number one question is: how do you read in the shower without the book getting wet? The answer: I don’t; books get wet; books dry out (although I am looking forward to a fully waterproof ipad)).

I also am one of the people mentioned in this ad who will read anything to hand. I can’t help it! I’m an incessant multitasker; I have to be doing multiple things at once.

Summary: this ad is great, and reading is an excellent task to combine with any and all other daily activities (where possible).

(Sourced from Adverblog.)

P.S. If you lend me a book, I won’t read it in those locations. However, because of this, it will take ma much longer to read than it otherwise would.

P.P.S. Reading in the shower may also be combined with other activities, of course.

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