Economic valuation

This is worth a re-post, given my interest in economics and philosophy:


(Sourced from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.)

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Fleet Foxes–Mykonos

These guys are awesome; enjoy. I do need to get into their new album though…

Fleet Foxes!
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Pretty paper piece

I’m going for alliteration there in the headline, based on the following article I just came across on Wired Science titled ‘The Cutting-Edge Physics of a Crumpled Paper Ball’. In this article Brandon Keim summarises the findings of a recent Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences article by Cambou and Menon (available here). Keim’s opening line is great. He opens with:

Take a piece of paper. Crumple it. Before you sink a three-pointer in the corner wastebasket, consider that you’ve just created an object of extraordinary mathematical and structural complexity, filled with mysteries that physicists are just starting to unfold.

Obvious, and beautiful.

In particular I enjoyed this image of a reconstructed cross-section of a foil ball approximately 4 inches in diameter:

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Wittgenstein in the law

Although I’m reluctant to post too much law related stuff on here, this reference to Wittgenstein was too awesome to pass by. In the judgment Lait v Evening Standard Ltd [2011] EWCA  Civ 859, released a couple of weeks ago, Lord Justice Laws (the Master of Rolls, with a fantastically suitable name) states:

[I]t is almost a commonplace that the law of defamation has become mired in technicality (see for example Lord Diplock’s rueful reference to “this protracted exercise in logical positivism” in Slim v Daily Telegraph at 171E); and that is no service to litigants or the general public. However in justice to practitioners in the field (and, with respect, the judges who have developed the law), this is an area where there are bound to be subtle distinctions. The reason is that – as Mr Rampton submitted at the outset of his argument – the foundation of the law of defamation is the concept of meaning: and the idea of meaning has over the centuries scratched the heads of the philosophers, never mind the lawyers. But it was the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein who said that everything that can be said, can be said clearly (though he comprehensively broke his own rule); and we owe a duty to get this chapter of the common law, as much as any other, as clear as it can be made.

 Love it.


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Do it


(Sourced from The Thought Experiment)

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So cute

… but so sad. Let’s all make an effort not to act like this (and not to rely on FB for communications of such importance, obviously):


(Sourced from Kate.)

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No, this isn’t meant to be a depressing post about death, rather a general comment on the following question: is discussing death (specifically: when do you think you’ll die?) a good topic of discussion while hanging out with a girl you’re trying to court?

I think-and, after an attempt, still think-most likely not. But will update if anything progresses.

(For the record, not all conversation was about death, but still…)

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