How to fly, The Art of Manliness


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Henry Miller’s Eleven Commandments

I seriously need to /want to follow this advice:

(Sourced from Gretchn Rubin at Forbes care of this isn’t happiness.)

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The Black Keys – Tighten Up

Love this song. Only started listening to this band a couple of months ago…

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Smart phone apps

I’m getting a new phone (this one) soon. I’ve been researching apps for it. This is my favourite thus far:

Now you can access WestlawNext – the next generation of Westlaw – on your mobile device. Whether you’re doing research during your subway commute, in court using KeyCite to check your opponent’s case, or working at an off-site client meeting, WestlawNext Mobile puts the most comprehensive collection of legal information right at your fingertips.

I suspect judges in most jurisdictions would find it a little rude if counsel made a habit of playing with their Blackberries in court … However, this does sound very awesome generally.

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Interesting post from Emma Hart at public address: she argues that generalisations about girls are inaccurate and unhelpful (for those dating). Specifically, she notes:

Here’s the thing about women – and I say this as someone who both is a woman, and occasionally hits on them. They’re people. And just like non-vagina people, they’re all different. Every woman’s experience is as valid as any other’s. Ergo, one woman’s account of her own interaction with men is, I’m sorry to say, completely fucking useless to you if you’re not dealing with that woman.

If you agree or disagree with that extract (i.e. if you’re anything but apathetic about it), go check out the full article. Interesting stuff – I like to think she’s correct.

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The Unfaithful Ways – Trouble I’m In

I had never heard of The Unfaithful Ways before the BDO 2011 but liked what I heard live. They released their album  a few weeks ago, after rescuing it from within the Red Zone in Christchurch.

The album is awesome. I am particularly fond of the following:

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Cat Stevens–Saturday Night

I fear having to play this song on a Saturday night (although it’s an amazing song), but it looks like it’ll be appropriate for tonight:

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